Forest Acoustics 1.0

Our earphones are engineered with the latest sound technology to provide the best listening experience. We believe that sustainability should not sacrifice quality or comfort.

- Hybrid sound design with one Balanced Armature and one dynamic speaker offers smooth connection in all frequencies and excellent sound

- Realtek 8763BRC low-power V5.0 Bluetooth chip

- The Earphone charging case supports wireless charging, which can be fully charged in 1 hour


Ethically Sourced Wood

Our eco-friendly earphones are crafted from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, ensuring that our materials meet the highest standards for sustainability and ethical forestry practices.

We use recycled plastic in our earphones to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. Our recycled plastic has GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certification.

Recylced Plastic
  1. Solution - Realtek 8763BRC 5.3

  2. Balanced Armature speaker AFK-12.5-019 and Dynamic 7mm PU Ti speaker in both ear buds

  3. Chipset Model - AC697N

  4. Codecs - SBC, AAC

  5. Vocalism Principle - Dynamic

  6. Bluetooth Standard - Bluetooth v5.0

  7. Waterproof Standard - IPX-3

  8. Battery capacity: 2*45mAh (button cell Lithium battery M1240 3.7V/45mAH

  9. Charge box capacity: 500mAh (1340/3.7V500mAH

  10. Wireless charging is supported

  11. HIFI balanced armature TWS

a pair of earphones with wooden earphones in a case
a pair of earphones with wooden earphones in a case
  1. Charging port: TYPE-C charging port

  2. Re-charging frequency: 4 times

  3. Working distance: More than 15m

  4. Music time: 5 hours

  5. Net Weight - 210 gm

  6. Single earbud weight -5.8 gm

  7. Wood color: Cherry Wood, Walnut Wood, Bamboo

  8. UV Resin Earlap

  9. Certifications - FSC, GRS, FCC, RECH, UKCA, RoHS

Touch functions
  1. Answering calls: Single tap power button while incoming call status

  2. Hang up calls: Single tap power button while phone status

  3. Reject calls: long press 2 seconds while incoming call status

  4. Voice assistance: long press 3 seconds wake up siri or voice assistant

  5. Last tracking: double tap left side

  6. Next tracking: double tap right side

Join us in our mission to create a better future through sustainable technology.

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